Sustainability Appraisal & Strategic Environmental Assessment - Appendix F - Pennine Towns & Villages

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Supporting Documents of the Draft Bradford District Local Plan - Preferred Options (Feb 2021)

Representation ID: 16348

Received: 24/03/2021

Respondent: Newett Homes

Agent: Quod

Representation Summary:

Site WI2/H

With respect to the SA and noted potential impacts arising from development, the assessment should be corrected to the following: (see attached document for details)

Land and Buildings - The Site’s lower Agricultural Land Classification grade should be accounted for alongside the loss of Greenfield site, giving this a Minor Negative score as opposed to Major.

Climate Change and Resilience - disagree with the major negative score due to small areas of surface water flooding - this does not account of SUDs drainage.

Biodiversity and Geodiversity - SPD1, however, confirms that the Site is of low ecological value

Landscape and Townscape - A Minor Negative score is given, however SPD1 confirms that there would only be minor/negligible levels of change due to surrounding

Cultural Heritage - A Minor Negative effect on the two Grade II Listed Buildings over 220m north is noted. This is highly unlikely as the Site is screened by existing
development and landscape and would be viewed at distance.

Full text:

Dear Sir / Madam
I write regarding the Draft Bradford District Local Plan (Regulation 18) Consultation.

On behalf of Newett Homes, please find enclosed Representations to specific policies and elements of the documentation being consulted on.