Strategic Land Assessment (Jan 2021)

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Supporting Documents of the Draft Bradford District Local Plan - Preferred Options (Feb 2021)

Representation ID: 16351

Received: 24/03/2021

Respondent: Newett Homes

Agent: Quod


Site WI/003

It is rejected in the SLA due to potential landscape impacts, but this is without any detailed assessment or consideration of the Site (other than on its Green Belt impacts) that, as noted below, do not correspond with the previously submitted information.

Reference is made to the supporting site promotion document SPD relating to landscape & green belt impact, deliverability.

Newett Homes disagree with the SLA’s unsubstantiated comments that are anticipated to be lined to the GBOP SSA’s assessment.

Full text:

Dear Sir / Madam
I write regarding the Draft Bradford District Local Plan (Regulation 18) Consultation.

On behalf of Newett Homes, please find enclosed Representations to specific policies and elements of the documentation being consulted on.