Consultation Question 95

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Draft Bradford District Local Plan - Preferred Options (Regulation 18) February 2021

Representation ID: 15442

Received: 19/03/2021

Respondent: Highways England (Yorkshire & North East Team)

Representation Summary:

It is not considered that locating development within the
settlements within the Canal Road Corridor Area, on their own, will have a severe impact on the capacity, operation and safety of the SRN, and this will be identified through the transport evidence base being prepared by the Council / the individual assessment of the transport implications of the sites by the sites’ promoters.
However, the quantum of sites forms part of a wider cumulative impact within the Canal Road Corridor Area and the rest of the development aspirations within the Plan could severely impact the SRN, and this cumulative impact will need to be established by the Council and considered by Highways England.