Oxenhope Neighbourhood Development Plan (Regulation 16) July 2021

Ended on the 10 September 2021
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Oxenhope Village Council intends to monitor the progress and appropriateness of the Neighbourhood Plan and its content on an annual basis to the end of the plan period, once formally adopted. In addition to any statutory monitoring that will be undertaken by CBMDC, the Village Council wishes to track whether the plan has a positive impact on planning decisions and whether its objectives are being realised.

A Monitoring group will be formed, comprising members of the Village Council to undertake this study and it is anticipated they will liaise closely with CBMDC where required to access data.

The purpose of the Monitoring Group is:

  • to ensure that the Aims and Proposals contained within the Neighbourhood Plan are being delivered by the Village Council, working alongside a variety of partners if necessary, in a coordinated, cohesive manner and in a timely fashion; and
  • to review the application of the policies by the Planning Authority in their determination of planning applications. The Village Council's Planning and Development Committee will however remain responsible for the detailed review of individual planning applications and their compliance with the Plan's policies.


If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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