Ilkley Neighbourhood Development Plan (Regulation 16) July 2021

Ended on the 15 September 2021
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4. Vision and objectives for the INDP

4.1. The INDP seeks to address the key issues identified from the Town Council's consultations with the local community (Para 2.5). In doing this we hope to achieve the Vision identified for 2030:

Ilkley 2030 Vision

A vibrant, viable, sustainable and successful town, meeting the needs of young and old without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In short, a desirable destination to visit, to work in and most importantly a place where all can live happily and successfully.

4.2. NPPF sets out that the purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. NPPF goes on to state that at "a very high level, the objective of sustainable development can be summarised as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" (NPPF, paragraph 7). Achieving sustainable development means that the planning system has three interdependent objectives; an economic objective, a social objective and an environmental objective.

4.3. Achieving our 2030 Vision will help secure sustainable development. We will do this by pursuing the 9 objectives identified for the INDP. These are

Objective 1 - Sustainable Residential Development

The INDP will support residential developments that are well related to the existing built environment and conserve the natural environment, are of high quality and move to zero carbon design.

Objective 2 - Services and Facilities

The INDP will create an attractive and usable public realm, retain existing services and support the establishment of new accessible local services and community enterprises, which meet the needs of the whole community and visitors.

Objective 3 – Cultural Landscape

The INDP will seek to conserve and enhance the built landscape, particularly the Conservation Areas of Ilkley, Ben Rhydding and Middleton. Likewise, the natural landscape of Ilkley Moor, the green spaces which perforate the Town, the Becks and River Wharfe and the existing Green Belt which surrounds it; will all be protected to the maximum possible extent.

The INDP will seek to maximise improvements to energy efficiency and support the development of community and privately-led decentralised renewable and low carbon sources of energy

Objective 4 - Biodiversity and Ecology

The INDP will value and nurture the area's wildlife habitats and conserve and enhance biodiversity, through the protection and maintenance of all blue and green infrastructure assets, including moorland, woodland, grassland, hedgerows and watercourses.

Objective 5 - Traffic and Transport

The INDP will seek to reduce reliance on private car use by supporting the development and usage of multi-modal transport assets, whilst creating an attractive and usable public realm for pedestrians and cyclists. Where private vehicle use is necessary encouraging use and switching to low and zero emissions vehicles e.g. through the provision of electric charging points.

Objective 6 - Sustainable Access

The INDP will seek to increase the number and quality of walking and cycling routes within the town to facilitate safe access to integrated public transport, schools, shops, workplaces and services. The INDP will support sustainable travel plans and the wider introduction of 20 mph zones and traffic calming measures where needed around the town.

Objective 7 - Leisure and Tourism

The INDP will support, protect and enhance the range of cultural, leisure, sporting and landscape assets available to the community and to visitors.

Objective 8 - Sustainable Economic Development

The INDP will promote increased economic activity by encouraging development proposals for small-scale enterprises in sustainable locations.

Objective 9 - Social Inclusion

The INDP will recognise the differing needs of all demographic and social groups in the Town, address the challenges of an ageing population, foster a sense of community, and promote well-being.

4.4. Some issues cut across all these objectives e.g. moving to a low carbon future in a changing climate. Where this is the case, these cross-cutting issues are picked up by more than one planning policy in the INDP.

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