Harden Neighbourhood Development Plan - Regulation 16 Consultation

Ended on the 15 August 2022



7.0.1 Harden like many rural communities has seen a decline in traditional industry over the last century. The majority of working residents commute to work outside of the parish to nearby towns and cities.

7.0.2 There are many small businesses within the village that contribute to and support the daily lives of residents although these usually employ only small numbers of staff.


  • There is demand locally for new workspaces such as workshops, small offices or shared workspaces
  • Residents have requested additional provision of shops, such as a cafe or bakery


  • Promote Harden as a location for small businesses
  • Encourage additional provision of local amenities such as shops
  • Secure new workspaces such as shared offices of workshops


Support is given for new small-scale commercial enterprise and businesses, especially those that would provide convenience and/or reduce need for residents and visitors to travel outside of the parish (cafe, shops etc) and improve sustainability.

Support is given to the reuse of former agricultural or mill buildings, providing all other material planning considerations are satisfied.

Support is given to the development of shared office space or co-working spaces, providing all other material planning considerations are satisfied.


7.2.1 The Neighbourhood Plan supports and encourages local economic growth in a variety of existing and emerging sectors. Retail and convenience premises (use class E (a)) are encouraged to support the day- to-day needs of the community, which can help reduce the need to travel outside of the village for essential items.

7.2.2 Shared office/co-working spaces (Use class E (c ii & iii|)) can help to support self-employed and remote workers who operate primarily in the digital sector.

7.2.3 The NDP recognises that many existing properties benefit from permitted development rights and are able to change use class without planning permission.

This policy seeks to achieve aims & objectives 9.

This policy aligns with CBMDC adopted core strategy 2017 policy PN2.

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