Harden Neighbourhood Development Plan - Regulation 16 Consultation

Ended on the 15 August 2022



Harden Village Council intends to monitor the progress and appropriateness of the Neighbourhood Plan and its content on an annual basis to the end of the plan period, once formally adopted. In addition to any statutory monitoring that will be undertaken by CBMDC, HVC wishes to track whether the plan has a positive impact on planning decisions and whether its objectives are being realised.

A monitoring group will be formed, comprising members of HVC to undertake this study and it is anticipated they will liaise closely with CBMDC where required to access data.

The purpose of the Monitoring Group is:

  • to ensure that the aims and objectives contained within the Neighbourhood Plan are being delivered, working alongside a variety of partners if necessary, in a coordinated, cohesive manner and in a timely fashion; and
  • to review the application of the policies by the Planning Authority in their determination of planning applications. HVC's Planning and Development Committee will however remain a consultee on all applications within the Plan Area.

HVC will work closely with the relevant stakeholders, including CBMDC and residents to help deliver and realise local projects identified within the Plan. These may be delivered through CIL monies received, grant funding or a combination of both.

Annual monitoring of the HNDP will be undertaken by HVC with assistance from CBMDC.

This will be done by assessing each application received within the Plan Area along with the following information:

  • Officer reports
  • Enforcement actvity
  • Appeal decisions
  • Planning decision notices

Each policy will be listed in a table that identifies how many times each policy has been used, the issues it helps to address, the issues it does not address, and comments on how it might be better addressed in the future.

This will help to establish the rate of HNDP Policy compliance to determining the following:

  • Have recent applications and approvals complied with HNDP policies?
  • Reasons for departing from policy
  • Effectiveness of HNDP policies
  • Ineffectiveness of HNDP policies

Each year HVC will reflect on the current context and applications determined to help establish if the plan aims are being achieved.

Data and methodology

The following data will be collected to help assess the effectiveness of HNDP policies:

  • Mix of house types on new schemes of 10 or more dwellings
  • Number of Building for a Healthy Life assessments undertaken on new proposals and their scores
  • Number of new homes built to Accessible Dwellings standards
  • Number of new housing developments that comply with parking standards and garage dimensions
  • Number of new homes with dedicated homeworking space
  • Impact on key views as result of development and the supporting assessments included as part of application

Changes to national or local planning policy will be monitored to assess the impact on HNDP policies which may then be revised in future updated versions of the HNDP.

For instructions on how to use the system and make comments, please see our help guide.
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